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Dr Nick Pregont

 I have been involved in sports my entire life.  I threw a baseball through my parent’s bedroom window at the age of 2 and I started playing hockey at the age of 4.  Growing up, I played anything I could get my hands on and I was fortunate enough to have my father as my coach all the way through high school.  After high school, I continued to play baseball at the college level.  Naturally, I wanted to find a career that involved sports.

My path to chiropractic started in college while studying Sports Medicine.  After almost 3 years of evaluating and rehabilitating athletic injuries, I grew frustrated working underneath the team doctor and I started to question my career choice.  Working as an athletic trainer, even as a student, we would evaluate athletes and their injuries on the field and begin treatment immediately.  At some point the team doctor would do his examination and write a prescription for therapies, which we were usually already doing.  I had always thought my next logical step in training would be to go to school for physical therapy.  Unfortunately, if I were to do that, my problem would not change. 

After a conversation with a friend, I was given the suggestion that would change my life.  My friend was a chiropractic patient and he suggested I speak with his chiropractor who also started his career in Sports Medicine.  When I visited the chiropractic office I realized I had found the solution to my problem and my career.  While in his office, I heard stories from the patients on how they used to take multiple prescription medications for years and now take nothing and yet feel better.  Some were grateful to be playing golf, tennis, or whatever sport they enjoyed again.  Some patients were just happy to wake up and go on a walk without pain.  He had provided his patient’s with a quality of life they didn’t think was possible anymore.  This was what I wanted to do.  In April, 2004, I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences.

Over the years I have had the privilege to treat a wide variety of patients, from professional and Olympic athletes to infants only a few months old.  I look forward to helping you achieve and maintain the quality of life you are looking for.