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Welcome to Achieving Health Chiropractic!


Achieving_Happiness.jpg At Achieving Health Chiropractic and Plymouth Massage Spa we understand the importance of improving every aspect of health to make you a healthier person. Our goal is to utilize the knowledge and experience we acquired from 4 years of graduate school, totaling over 3,000 educational hours, to guide you to a better quality of life.

Our mission as chiropractors, and health care professionals, is to help our patients maximize their health and well-being.  Our methods are proven.  We use education and planning to help our patients achieve their best health. Our plan will start on your first visit during your examination. We will take the time to explain every aspect of our exams, and the importance of each one. On each visit, we will continue to educate you about maximizing your body’s potential. Let’s try to put it into perspective of working America; every successful corporation has extensive training courses to ensure their employees are knowledgeable and certified to use their expensive machinery. They do this not only for the employee's safety, but also to maximize the lifetime of that piece of machinery by using it correctly. If we were to envision the human body as a piece of machinery it would be considered one of the most dynamic pieces on this planet. Therefore, by explaining "the user's manual" of the human body to our patients we can ensure they are certified to use it correctly, which will allow us a greater opportunity to Achieve Health. Below is a list of topics we will educate on;

  • Explaining the human bodies "user manual"- Chiropractor 
  • Stress- learning how to kick it to the curb - Massage

Your education will not stop here, but will continue throughout your care as we learn to appreciate you not only as a patient, but as a friend.

To accomplish our mission, Achieving Health Chiropractic and Plymouth Massage Spa have put together the following professionals for your needs;

Chiropractors who utilize more of a physical therapy approach in correcting and maintaining your spinal alignment. They will guide you on the importance of proper posture and spine maintenance, which will prevent unwanted problems and complications into the future.

Massage Therapists who will apply their extensive knowledge of your body's soft tissue structures to assist the chiropractor in improving your problem areas. Each massage therapist is trained in multiple techniques and methods. They will use their skills to deliver a relaxing massage to improve the function of your muscles, and eliminate unhealthy stress.

To have the best opportunity to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, most of our patients work with multiple professionals at our clinic. Though this may be the most common approach, it is not a requirement.  You may feel free to utilize the services of any given professional on an individual basis. Our professionals will work with you to understand, accomplish, and maintain a lifestyle that is not just healthy but enjoyable.

The founders of Achieving Health Chiropractic and Plymouth Massage Spa are very aware of how medicine and medical care can be overused and abused. We have also been made very aware of how important and necessary it can be to attain the ONLY end result; the patients improved health. Therefore, we have made personal relationships with various medical professionals in the area to assure our patients well-being if a referral is necessary. We are more reserved and down to earth with our scope of practice and have personal limitations on health-related guarantees but have NO limitations on possible end results!

At Achieving Health Chiropractic and Plymouth Massage Spa we will continue to build a healthier community (Northville, Plymouth, and Livonia) and will not fall short of our goals. The first step is understanding, the second step is your commitment, the rest is one day at a time. Allow us to be your personal health coach and to help you to achieve what you deserve!