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Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage at our Plymouth Massage Spa

Celebrate this special time of life with treatments designed to pamper, relax, and remember the joys of pre-motherhood while treating the common aches and pains which so often accompany a rapidly changing body. While all of these services and the products used are generally considered safe during pregnancy, but you should always get your doctor's permission in advance of scheduling. 

Specially designed for the most deserving of clients, this Swedish-style massage will help maintain the skin's elasticity while alleviating added stress on the back and legs.  After the first trimester, lying face down during a massage increases the pressure on the uterus as well as the uterine ligaments. The safe alternative is to position the pregnant client on her side with her head, legs and stomach supported with pillows. The therapist can then work safely on her back and legs without creating any increased pressure. Please check with your doctor before scheduling.

Pregnancy / Prenatal massage works wonders for low back and mid pain, muscle pain & spasms, headache, and stress.